Maldoror Records


Recipe: blend extreme sonorities and libertarian ideas together, shake well and then serve on unconventional digital/analogic medium. You may get a real mess, or the spirit animating MALDOROR RECORDS team’s inspiration.

Founded in March 2012, Maldoror Records came to life with the clear purpose to give space to music projects through alternative and self-managed distribution channels.

We are against mainstream serial production, strongly believing in the effort to put together politics and aesthetics, creating sounds and objects as a form of experience. That is why all productions will be freely downloadable; while a selection of them, is going to be available for purchase in limited edition, on unusual creative boxes (USB decorated keys, painted tapes and floppies, theme sets).

Maldoror Records moves in a wide genre’s area, including industrial, power electronics, noise music, dark ambient, etc.

Our first creature is a Sardinian industrial/noise ambient project’s release: MAGNETICA ARS LAB. Go check for more info and free download by simply following this link. Enjoy and stay tuned for next issues!